Designed to Go Beyond

We believe building sustainability into our business model is not only possible, it’s essential.  


From design to manufacturing, installation and operation to maintenance and end of life, Infinitum engineers seek ways to be better stewards of our finite natural resources.

By working with Infinitum, customers have access to state-of-the-art motors, but they also gain a sustainability partner for a lifetime, literally — moving the world to a new era of sustainability, beyond energy efficiency to a motor that’s better for the planet and for people.

Leading the way on circular design strategies with modular motors
As demand for electric motors increases, we can amplify the positive impact on the climate by participating in the circular economy to assume greater ownership over end-of-life management, using strategies like design for serviceability and remanufacturing.


Our lightweight, patented PCB stator replaces the heavy iron core and copper windings found in traditional motors. Our PCB stator uses 66% less copper than conventional stators.

Weight & Size

Our lightweight durable materials generate the same amount of power as a traditional iron core motor in a package that is 50 percent lighter and smaller.

Year Solution

With our circular design strategy, the majority of components can be reused and kept in service for over 100 years. Read about the lifetime of the PCB stator.

A motor that saves energy while saving you money

Our motors are 10% more efficient and that really adds up. Energy cost savings alone will pay for an Infinitum motor within the first year of operation.

When we talk about our ability to reduce operating costs, there’s an aspect of sustainability hidden in plain sight. We take energy usage seriously and optimize our motors to be highly efficient. That translates to a big difference in energy use and ultimately energy cost savings over the lifetime of the motor.
Saving the environment and lowering costs with a reduced footprint

BASX Solutions is using our unique integrated motor and drive to build fan arrays that are significantly smaller, lighter, quieter, and more energy efficient.

“We pride ourselves on our very efficient fan, here at the BASX factory… Reduced energy consumption is a key factor in every product we sell.”

David Benson, BASX Solutions

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Infinitum underscores our commitment to future generations by going beyond to produce motors that can power the world with less energy and waste because they are designed with circularity in mind.
Ben Schuler
Founder and CEO
Founded in 2016 Infinitum disrupted the industry with a better way to power the world. A motor that delivers more power with less – less energy, less waste and less noise for generations to come.
Infinitum leads the evolution of sustainable electric motors, influencing other industries alike including HVAC and electric vehicles–saving environmental resources, the planet and bottom line for customers.
Onward-Our goal is to maintain a lower carbon footprint and lead the way in remanufacturing and inspire others to do the same-making motors that last for generations to come.
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