Infinitum is pushing the boundaries of motor technology with a liquid-cooled, smarter air core motor design that can deliver premium performance for mobility applications.

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At a fraction of the weight of conventional motors, our Mobility motors dramatically improve efficiency and reliability while also offering high-speed, excellent torque, and a modular design. As a result, Infinitum Mobility motors are well suited for drivetrain and propulsion and auxiliary motor applications for Class 1-8 commercial vehicles as well as aerospace, marine, construction, and agricultural applications.

Commercial Vehicle and Other Mobility Applications

Propulsion motors

Infinitum Mobility motors are designed for mobility applications including Class 1 to 8 commercial vehicles, aerospace and marine applications, and heavy machinery. Engineering teams can add power, from 50 to 250 kW, without significantly increasing the size and weight of the drivetrain. Using an axial flux design, Mobility motors generate more torque and faster rotation in a smaller package. With our modular disc design, engineers can build multi-stator, multi-rotor motors that offer high power and increased performance. Our innovative design also allows for a highly efficient oil-cooling system that cools the interior stator, helping increase power density by three to five times.

Auxillary motors

EVs require up to 50 small electric motors to power infotainment systems, heating and AC, window controls, and even the power steering. This means small, lightweight auxiliary motors are critical for maintaining the efficiency of the vehicle. By etching copper coils directly onto the PCB stator our Mobility motors eliminate the heavy iron core and copper windings used in conventional motors, cutting motor size and weight in half. This design also makes Mobility motors highly reliable and durable. And, by using air-cooling technology rather than noisy fans, Mobility motors keep noise low in today's ultra quiet EVs.

Infinitum mobility advantages
Ultra-high efficiency

Mobility motors eliminate stator core losses and eddy current losses in the rotor and magnets are negligible, making Mobility motors highly efficient over a wide range of load conditions. The Mobility design can support regenerative braking, adding to the overall efficiency of the vehicle as well.

Superior power density

Mobility motors maximize power density by combining our PCB stator, which weighs 90 percent less than an iron core stator, with high-energy magnets. We further enhance power density by using either air cooling, which allows for two to three times the current density of a conventional motor, or oil cooling, which can triple this. This highly efficient oil cooling unique to our PCB stator enables current densities up to 56 A / m2.

Modular axial design

With our modular axial design, mobility engineers can build multi-stator, multi-rotor motors that are slim and lightweight. This is possible because Mobility motors offer higher power and torque density.

Rapid prototyping

Mobility engineers need technology that makes it easy to quickly iterate on designs and alter components based on rapidly changing needs. With the modular nature of our Mobility motors, engineers inherently have the flexibility to experiment and add stators and rotors quickly and easily to see what configuration will best suit their power and torque needs

Durability and reliability

Third-party reliability tests have shown our PCB stator is up to 9x more reliable than a conventional copper wire wound stator. This is because our PCB stator design eliminates the common points of failure seen in traditional motors related to the copper windings and insulation. Plus, our ability to more effectively cool the interior of the motor using oil cooling also helps extend the life of our Mobility motors.

High speed

We engineered the Mobility motor specifically for high operating speeds, featuring magnet containment that is not in the way of magnetic flux, a coreless construction allowing for high-frequency operation without efficiency penalties caused by core losses, and a simple rotor construction to ensure stability at high speeds.

150 kW Electric traction motor specifications

Reimagining motors with Infinitum Mobility

Motor development tailored to your specific mobility application needs

To keep pace with the demand for commercial vehicles that are more powerful yet more efficient, the ability to quickly iterate on designs and alter components based on changing needs is critical. This is why we collaborate closely with customers working on these applications, tailoring each Mobility motor to meet the specific application needs. Our motors use a modular design with the flexibility to add the number of stators and rotors that best suit your power and torque needs. We also provide simple and cost-effective prototyping and production since any local contract PCB manufacturer can produce the motor, avoiding potential supply chain issues.

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