Aircore EC

Smaller. Lighter. Quieter.

Experience a motor that saves more than just energy, it saves costs, resources, and continues to give back.

Powerful intelligence

Reduce your energy consumption and costs with our integrated VFD for variable speed applications. The I-con (motor control software) ensures continuous monitoring of operational parameters, delivering optimal performance throughout the motor’s lifetime while offering maximum power density in a 50% smaller and lighter package.

Optimized efficiency

Our compact form factor enhances efficiency by 10-15% through minimized wiring and direct mounting to applications with increased operational efficiency by eliminating torque ripple, cogging, stator hysteresis, and eddy current losses. This design meets both IE4 and IE5 efficiency standards while delivering upwards of 93% system efficiency.

Sustainable solution

Our PCB stator uses 66% less copper and has proven to be 10x more reliable than traditional iron-core stators. The smaller/lighter housing reduces transportation emissions by 30% and is easily serviceable through our modular design. We reuse what we can, recycle what we can’t and remanufacture, giving motors a second life.

Power, intelligence, and controls all in one

Unleash your potential
with the Aircore EC motor system

Immediate availability

Confidently partner with Infinitum to scale your production with our unparalleled automation capabilities and flexible customization options.

Versatile range of four frame sizes, each engineered to deliver robust power from 1 to 15 HP, available in both 460V and 575V configurations.

Reliable ROI

Achieve accelerated returns on investment thanks to the unmatched efficiency and meticulous precision of our EC fan systems.

Optimized energy performance and value with our cost-effective motor system, featuring a seamlessly integrated VFD.

Compact design

Advanced operational efficiency with a smaller footprint. Effortless handling, for production and retrofitting, with decreased shipping costs.

Four standard frame sizes: 13”/15″/18″/20″
Diameter: 8.6″-9.4″ deep
Weight: 63-128 lbs

Components can be replaced
in the fieldvia aneasy-access cover to examine field terminals, connectors and programing ports.
Save time and space, reduce
wiring costs, and shorten commissioning time with our modular solution.

Navigate the complexities of motor selection with ease. Discover how Infinitum’s efficient motors maximize your ROI and boost your bottom line. Learn more today!

Unlock a lifetime of savings with Infinitum's Aircore EC

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Infinitum’s custom nameplating capability is an extremely powerful offering as it can drastically lower overall capital investment associated with large motor-driven systems.
Blake Griffin
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Solutions to fit your needs

The market’s most comprehensive, customizable range of power and frame sizes.

Our motors can be ordered with pre-defined conventional ratings or we can customize name plates to meet your specifications.

Aircore EC Frame 13

Power: 1-5 HP (.75-3.73 kW)

RPM Range: 100–5040 RPM

Weight: 62.8 lbs (28.5 kg)

Rated Torque: 6.3–7.4 lb-ft (8.5– 10.0 Nm)

IP Rating: IP54

Dimensions: 14.5” x 9.1”
(36.7 x 23.1 cm) w/o shaft

Aircore EC Frame 15

Power: 5-7.5 HP (3.73-5.6 kW) 

RPM Range: 100–4320 RPM

Weight: 81.4 lbs (36.9 kg)

Rated Torque: 11.1–14.8 lb-ft (15– 20 Nm)

IP Rating: IP54

Dimensions: 16.4” x 8.7” (41.17 x 22.1 cm) w/o shaft

Aircore EC Frame 18

Power: 7.5-10 HP (5.6-7.46 kW)

RPM Range: 100–4320 RPM

Weight: 96.1 lbs (43.6 kg)

Rated Torque: 14.6–22.1 lb-ft (20.0-30.0 Nm)

IP Rating: IP54

Dimensions: 18.6” x 8.7”
(47.2 x 22.1 cm) w/o shaft

Aircore EC Frame 20

Power: 10-15 HP (7.46-11.19 kW) 

RPM Range: 100–4320 RPM

Weight: 128.1 lbs (58.1kg)

Rated Torque: 22.1-29.5 lb-ft (30.-60.0 Nm)

IP Rating: IP54

Dimensions: 21.1” x 8.9” (53.7 x 22.5 cm) w/o shaft

Motors made for your industrial applications

Motors ready for application specific configurations with firmware and name-plate direct from our factory including multiple agency approved ratings.

Customize a name plate to meet your specifications

Configure and customize a name plate to meet your exact specifications with our Motor Selection Tool. Preview power, amps, energy savings and more.

Experience Our Interactive Online Demo Today!

Curious about the cutting-edge technology that powers our motors? Dive into our immersive online demo and discover the precision engineering and innovation behind our products.

Optimized for versatile applications

HVAC fans

HVAC FansAircore EC motors are smaller and lighter than traditional iron core motors, making it possible for OEMs to directly mount the motor on the fan to develop smaller systems with increased efficiency. With our smaller and lighter motor, HVAC system designers can use arrays of these individual fan/motor units to create reliable systems that are easier and cost effective to install and maintain.


In addition to the benefits provided by our integrated motor and drive package, our Aircore EC motors are specifically designed to safeguard against dust ingress and water splashing in harsh environments. The compact disc-like shape of our motors offers a much-needed option for confined spaces and facilitates easy serviceability within confined spaces where pumps are typically necessary.

Data centers

Efficient, sustainable data center solutions designed with flexibility in mind. Infinitum’s high efficiency motors and environmentally-forward technology support lower carbon emissions through modular design. Our circular design strategy is centered around reliability, serviceability, and remanufacturing.

Material handling

With high-performance and efficiency available across a wide range of operating speeds, Aircore EC motors are well positioned to provide reliable operation for industrial conveyor and materials handling applications that need high torque and high power at a relatively low RPM. Our motors are rated to function reliably across an operating temperature range of -25° to 40° C and 95 percent relative humidity.

Aircore EC advantages

More efficient,
lower cost

Aircore EC motors are built with a copper-etched PCB stator instead of a traditional iron core and copper windings. This design increases efficiency by eliminating high-loss eddy currents. Our motors are smaller and lighter, making it possible to mount the motor directly to the fan, which increases efficiency by 10 to 15 percent.

More power for less

Our lightweight durable materials generate the same amount of power as a traditional iron core motor in a package that is 50 percent lighter and smaller. The PCB stator maximizes power density by combining low-volume, high-energy product magnets and direct coil cooling, providing two to three times the current density of a conventional motor.

Software enabled

Aircore EC smart motor system allows you to create customized sequences for application-specific functionality. Our programmable software provides direct control over operational perimeters providing maximum performance for the lifetime of the motor. Built-in connectivity improves reliability from real-time data monitoring of critical equipment.

Control at your fingertips

We designed a state-of-the-art variable frequency drive (VFD) that provides a level of control not available in conventional motors using fixed voltage supply lines. Our VFD facilitates variable speed applications, reducing overall energy usage by running the motor at lower speeds when possible.

10x Greater reliability

Third-party reliability tests have shown that our PCB stator is up to 10x more reliable than a conventional copper wire wound stator. This is because our PCB stator design eliminates the common points of failure seen in traditional motors related to copper windings and insulation.

Short lead times

Choose the perfect fit for your needs from our four standard frame sizes, offering power ranges from 1 to 15 HP, including options for 460V and 575V. Test our superior quality with evaluation units ready to ship within 10 days, and full production delivery in just 10 weeks. Get the power and performance you need, when you need it.

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Aircore EC in the news

Infinitum, creator of the sustainable electric motor, today announced that Ben Schuler, founder and CEO, has been named among Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Green Ones to Watch, an inaugural list of people poised to be the climate leaders of tomorrow.

Infinitum, creator of the sustainable air-core motor, today announced it has received a Silver 2024 Product of the Year Award from Consulting-Specifying Engineer.

Infinitum, creator of the sustainable air-core motor, today announced the appointment of Meredith Waters as General Counsel, effective immediately.