Efficient, reliable data center cooling solutions designed with sustainability in mind.

Infinitum’s high efficiency motors and environmentally-forward technology support lower carbon emissions through modular design. Our circular design strategy is centered around reliability, serviceability, and remanufacturing.

Infinitum advantage

Optimized efficiency
Aircore EC motors easily mount directly to fan applications and increase efficiency by 10-15% over conventional systems. Infinitum motors run at variable speeds, saving energy at off-peak times and maintaining efficiency. Save on your energy bill and improve your PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).
Serviceable solutions
Our solutions require less labor to install, are easier to maintain, offer redundancy and higher reliability. The integrated VFD paired with optional IoT connectivity makes predictive and prescriptive maintenance easy. In the event a component ever needs replacing, the modular design facilitates replacing just that part rather than the entire motor or fan.
Serviceable solutions
Our lightweight, PCB stator uses 66% less copper than conventional iron-core stators. Aircore EC motors are 50% smaller and lighter, requiring less material for the housing— further reducing transportation emissions by 30%. We remanufacture our motors to take advantage of components that can be kept in service and out of the landfill.
This design maximizes the space while allowing for ease of maintenance.
Rachel (Ray) Larimore

Designed for data centers


Infinitum’s Aircore EC Motor system can lower energy consumption and boost fan efficiency in Computer Room AC units and Computer Room Air Handlers. Its ability to use less energy for the same power output without compromising air volume results in improved energy efficiency. The integrated Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) allows for adaptable speed adjustments based on operating conditions, leading to substantial energy savings. This dynamic fan speed control optimizes thermal efficiency, ensuring maximum savings while accommodating varying load requirements.

Fan array

The Aircore EC motor is optimized for space utilization, ideal for fan arrays and cube assemblies with limited room. Infinitum’s lightweight motors require minimal structural support during installation, resulting in substantial cost and time savings during manufacturing and assembly processes. The modular design allows for easy replacement of specific parts instead of the entire motor, simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime. When utilized in a multi-motor array, the integrated VFD provides inherent built-in redundancy, ensuring reliable operation and increased system resilience.

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Looking for EC fans?

Infinitum EC motors are the key ingredient.

Choose the option of designing your own fan system with an Infinitum motor or purchasing one of the many EC fans that incorporate Infinitum motors. Either way we have the tools and resources to make your solution a success.

Highest wire-to-air efficiency

in the industry and high-efficiency across a wide range of load conditions to improve a data center’s Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).

Modular design for serviceability,

drastically reduces potential downtime and extends the life of the cooling system and total cost of ownership (TCO) offering dynamic, cost-effective performance.

10x more powerful endurance

with Infinitum's PCB stators, the core of our motors, engineered to outlast traditional copper wound iron core stators with a remarkable 10x longer lifespan.

Operational cost savings

through higher energy efficiency of the fan wheel (in typical data center operating points) with significant savings on electrical infrastructure build-out, and reduced maintenance costs (through longer service life of the motor).

Dedication to sustainability

spanning the entire lifecycle of the motor with reduced raw materials, high-efficiency operation, and end-of-life reuse/remanufacturing practices — all enhancing the Carbon Usage Effectiveness (CUE) of data centers.

Swift lead times and delivery

Our adaptable supply chain is powered by partnerships with the industry's leading fan providers, ensuring we can meet the urgent needs of today's data centers with unparalleled quality, speed, and flexibility.

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Explore the factors should you prioritize to unlock maximum efficiency. The secret lies in choosing the most efficient motor to power your fan unit. But how do you select the right motor that harmonizes efficiency with future-readiness? Learn more!

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Infinitum makes it easy to rightsize your motor for data center applications. Find the optimal configuration for your fan system with our Aircore EC Motor Selection Tool.
See how our motor’s innovative design and form factor helps BASX Solutions reimagine the design of its fan arrays, reducing labor costs and lead times.

Sustainable solutions

Infinitum’s air-core motors are 50% smaller and lighter, more efficient, much quieter and use 66% less copper than traditional motors. They are designed and manufactured with a sustainable, circular lifecycle in mind. A modular design allows the housing, rotors and stators to be re-used, giving their parts multiple lives.

Easy to install

The effort required for installation and maintenance of conventional motors is significant. Infinitum’s integrated motor and drive saves space for the control panel, reduces wiring costs, and shortens commissioning time. The motors also feature plug-and-play monitoring and control software that requires zero programming.

Easy to maintain

Optional IoT connectivity makes predictive and prescriptive maintenance possible. Collect and access data for the life of a motor with actionable insights to address early warning signs. In the event a component ever needs replacing, the modular design facilitates replacing just that part rather than the entire motor.

A motor to last a lifetime

From design to end of life, Infinitum engineers seek ways to be better stewards of our natural resources. The majority of components can be reused and kept in service for generations. Our circular design strategy means we reuse what we can, recycle what we can’t and remanufacture motors to give them a second life.

Circularity at heart

Infinitum’s design and optimization capabilities enable custom solutions for industrial applications — streamlining energy efficiency and lowering carbon footprints. Reducing raw materials, recycling components and increasing system performance positively impacts people and the planet.

Infinitum Innovations Blog

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