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Work smarter with Infinitum’s revolutionary Aircore EC motor system.
Enhanced machines with higher efficiency, less noise, and a lighter footprint — meeting your sustainability needs.
Our innovative approach reimagines every stage of a motor’s lifecycle to boost your operational efficiency and reliability. The breakthrough air-core design simplifies use and maintenance, directly enhancing your productivity and performance.

Power, intelligence, and controls all in one

Delivering peak performance

Simplifyng operations

Easy to install

Installing and maintaining conventional motors demands considerable effort. Infinitum’s motor-drive integration saves control panel space, cuts wiring costs, and shortens commissioning time. Our motors offer zero-programming, plug-and-play monitoring and control software.

Easy to maintain

Optional IoT connectivity makes predictive and prescriptive maintenance possible. Collect and access data from anywhere. In the event a component ever needs replacing, the modular design facilitates replacing just that part rather than the entire motor.

A motor to last a lifetime

The majority of our components can be reused and kept in service for over 100 years. Our circular design strategy means we reuse what we can, recycle what we can’t and remanufacture motors to give them a second life, and beyond.

Made to last

Discover PCB Stators with 10x More Reliability and 66% Less Copper

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5.0 HP | 15" DIAMETER

93.8% efficiency

10 HP | 18" DIAMETER

93.8% efficiency

15 HP | 20" DIAMETER

95.5% efficiency

Experience quieter, more efficient operations

with our breakthrough motor technology

PCB stator technology
By etching copper coils directly onto the PCB stator, we eliminate the heavy steel core and copper windings of conventional motors. In addition to reducing the size and weight by half, removing the iron in the magnet’s path eliminates torque ripple, cogging, stator hysteresis and eddy current losses. The result is a significant increase in efficiency across a wide range of load conditions. The PCB stator also makes it much easier to automate the manufacturing process to ensure repeatable, consistent quality.
Motor control via integrated Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
Our state-of-the-art variable frequency drive (VFD) facilitates variable speed applications, reducing overall energy usage by running the motor at lower speeds. This provides a level of control not available in conventional motors and the high switching frequency of the VFD, up to 200 kHz, also dramatically reduces audible noise.
I-con Motor control software

Plug-and-play with our monitoring and control software that requires zero programming. It all comes together in the dashboard where you can visualize data from the motor’s operation – from voltage to temperature to energy use and maintenance alerts. 

  • Motor configuration and testing
  • Real-time monitoring, control and error logging
  • Firmware updates 
IoT enabled

Infinitum motors have built-in IoT capability to enable optional over-the-air software updates, on-demand access to real-time performance analytics, and remote monitoring.

Our smart motor system collects and interprets sensor and actuator data from the controller, to understand its environment and determine the optimal motor speed, minimizing waste.

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