Go Beyond

We’ve designed a motor with future generations in mind, going beyond efficiency and taking the entire lifecycle into account by using fewer resources to produce it, less energy to run it and a commitment to remanufacture it.


Electric motors devour roughly two-thirds of industrial power usage within every nation, equating to nearly 40% of the total energy consumption.

By modernizing this age-old technology we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions up to 30% while simultaneously amplifying energy efficiency.

A next generation motor

for the next generation.

And the next. And the next.

66% Less copper

A typical 10hp motor uses 6kg of copper. Ours has only 2kg, with no heavy iron core.

50% Less Size & WEIGHT

All the power using less energy when compare to a similarly rated motor with a VFD.

30% Fewer emissions

A smaller form factor and lighter weight per unit makes transportation more efficient.

10% Less energy

All the power using less energy when compared to a similarly rated motor with VFD.

Replacing millions of outdated motors with higher-efficiency, variable speed motors is key to helping the industrial sector meet sustainability objectives.
Benoit Grobon
Just Climate

Efficiency is just the beginning.
Our vision is to power more with less.

Each Motor
Infinitum @1800 RPM
10 HP
AC Induction @1800 RPM
5 HP
Infinitum motors are smaller, more powerful and more efficient.
PCB Stators last 10x longer
than a conventional pre-formed coil.
Built to power the things that make our world work.
Class-leading efficiency, 50 percent lighter, and smaller than a traditional iron core motor.
Cooling solutions designed with sustainability in mind.
Designed to work seamlessly with a variety of industrial pump applications — Our highly efficient integrated VFD systems are optimized for energy management and sustainability — ideal for pump systems.
Simplifying portable and emergency power generation.

Smaller and lighter IEalt motor systems open up possibilities for OEMs to significantly reduce the package size of their power generation solutions from 10 kW to 150 kW.

“Infinitum Electric’s air-core engines represent a big leap in sustainability”


We’re proud of our achievements from product design to company culture.