Rethinking the

Infinitum is revolutionizing alternator design with the same ground-breaking air-core, PCB stator technology that powers our motors.
Efficient, reliable, continuous power generation

Our alternators remove many of the complexities present in conventional alternators such as copper windings and traditional exciters. Our next-generation alternator, Power Gen, is significantly smaller and lighter than other alternators on the market, opening up the possibilities for OEMs to significantly reduce the package size of their power generation solutions from 10 kW to 150 kW.

Portable electric generation

Whether you need power for a construction or oilfield site or an emergency repair at a remote field location, reliable portable power generation for your job site is critical. Most portable generators are large and heavy, making it difficult and costly to haul the generator from site-to-site. Infinitum Power Gen is changing this. Using our innovative PCB stator design, our alternators are one-third the size and weight of a traditional alternator, yet produce the same amount of power with high reliability.

Back-up power generation

When power fails, critical infrastructure such as hospitals and data centers need reliable and efficient back-up power generation. Generators using an Infinitum Power Gen alternator simplify design by removing the need for copper windings and an exciter, translating to increased reliability. Since the Power Gen is significantly smaller and lighter than traditional alternators, commercial and residential buildings can have additional generators for redundancy in space constrained areas.

Power gen advantages
Small and lightweight

With the lightweight, yet durable, materials we use, Power Gen alternators can generate the same amount of power as a traditional alternator in a package that is significantly smaller and lighter than with a conventional alternator. As a result, transportation of portable generators is more sustainable and the installation of permanent generators is simplified.

Reduced carbon footprint

From the materials we use to our manufacturing process that allows our alternators to be produced locally to the way our products can be transported, assembled, and maintained more easily because of their small size and weight, Infinitum Power Gen alternators offer a reduced carbon footprint across their lifecycle.

Durability and reliability

Infinitum Power Gen technology removes the need for a complex exciter by using permanent magnets – improving reliability through a simplified design. With our unique PCB stator coils, Infinitum Power Gen offers long-term durability because the coils are perfectly symmetrical and fully insulated, and the PCB topology eliminates thermal-induced stress.

Superior control

Infinitum Power Gen alternators use permanent magnets for field excitation, eliminating the field coils, brushless exciter, and automatic voltage regulator (AVR). Infinitum Power Gen is tied to the grid through an efficient AC/AC converter that provides fast and precise voltage and reactive power regulation in a smaller and lighter package.

Ultra-high efficiency

Traditional alternators feature a steel core with copper windings, causing eddy currents that result in significant losses. But, by replacing the core and copper windings with a PCB stator, our alternator eliminates these losses. We also increase efficiency by using permanent magnets that eliminate the exciter and any associated core losses.

Modular and highly scalable

With our modular design, engineers can build multi-stator, multi-rotor alternators to best meet their power generation needs. Since the PCB for our stators can be easily produced on common PCB fabrication equipment, any local contract PCB manufacturer can produce our motors, allowing for quick development while also avoiding potential supply chain issues.

Smaller, lighter, quieter and more efficient alternators
We are expanding the usage of our breakthrough PCB stator technology beyond motors to alternators used for power generation applications. With our new alternator, IEalt, we are focused on bringing a new line of smaller, lighter, and more efficient alternators to the market — one third the size and weight of traditional alternators.

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