Driving efficient
fan applications

Infinitum has reimagined the electric motor, making it possible to move large amounts of air more efficiently and sustainably than ever before.

Our innovative motor design replaces the iron-core stator found in traditional motors with a PCB stator that increases durability and reliability in a form factor that is significantly smaller and lighter. Applications such as fan arrays built using our motors are easier to ship, install, and service. Additionally, our motor’s integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) allows you to optimize operational control and reduce energy costs by more than 50%.

Motors for any fan application

Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fan assemblies are often heavy and energy intensive. Our revolutionary motor design reverses this trend by offering the power you need in a smaller, lighter form factor that can be mounted directly to your fan application. This innovative design not only reduces the curb space required for your air handling units, it also reduces losses by increasing wire-to-air efficiency and removing high-maintenance components such as belts. Fan arrays using our multi-motor direct drive configuration require less labor to install, are easier to maintain, offer redundancy and higher reliability, and will reduce energy usage – lowering utility costs and helping organizations meet sustainability goals and requirements.

Axial fans

Constructed with lightweight yet durable materials, our direct-drive motors greatly simplify axial fan configurations. Since our innovative air-core PCB stator replaces the traditional heavy iron core stator, less of a support structure is needed to mount motors and enclosures can be made much smaller, lowering assembly costs. With a VFD directly driving each motor, unreliable belts are now a thing of the past. The resulting beltless axial fan assembly is highly efficient and compact, and significantly increases reliability while reducing maintenance costs.

Discover the best mounting schemes for your fan cube or array with Aircore EC motors. Our design asset showcases real-world examples of welded angle steel, bent metal, and tubular mounts to guide your next project. Get started now!

Transform Your Cooling System:

Optimize Efficiency with Aircore EC Motors for Fan Cubes and Fan Arrays

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Air handling units and moving air
efficiently in your facility

Commercial HVAC

Significantly reduce energy usage and increase system lifespan by programming our motor’s VFD to intelligently power the numerous fans required for your commercial HVAC systems.

Data centers

With ~40 percent of a data center’s energy usage dedicated to powering 24/7 cooling equipment, reducing energy usage is essential. Infinitum motors can help by making cooling efforts 10–15% more efficient.

Exhaust fans

With our direct drive motors powering your exhaust fans, components prone to breaking down are eliminated, keeping air flowing as required and ensuring proper ventilation to keep employees safe.

Air handling units

Our innovative lightweight PCB stator combined with low-volume, high-energy product magnets and direct coil cooling provides two to three times the current density of a conventional motor, helping you optimize the energy usage of your air handling units.

Improving efficiency and performance at BASX

Key benefits for fan applications

Superior wire-to-air

Our innovative stator design means our motors are inherently more efficient than EC and typical induction motors, meet or exceed AMCA 207 and IE5 efficiency ratings, and offer superior wire-to-air efficiency.

Small and
Fan arrays powered by our small, lightweight motors require much less curb space and heavy equipment is not needed for installation, making retrofit projects minimally disruptive and more cost effective.
Built-in variable
motor control
With our integrated, state-of-the-art variable frequency drive (VFD), you can use the communication protocol of your choice such as MODBUS or BACnet to run the motor at lower speeds, reducing overall energy usage.
Build your custom nameplate
Infinitum makes it easy to rightsize your motor for data center applications. Find the optimal configuration for your fan system with our Aircore EC Motor Selection Tool.
Using Aircore EC motors to develop more efficient and reliable fan applications
Our Aircore EC motors are designed to work seamlessly with all types of fan applications, helping you overcome common issues associated with system design, installation, and maintenance. Built with lightweight, durable materials — Aircore EC motors generate the same power as similarly rated traditional iron core motors, in a package that is 50% lighter and smaller. As a result, less structural steel is needed, making it easier to install fans and potentially eliminating the need for heavy equipment to lift fans into place. Downtime and maintenance costs are significantly reduced since our PCB stator was found to be up to 9x more reliable than a conventional copper wire wound stator.
Industry awards and memberships
Infinitum has been honored with multiple prestigious awards recently. This includes two R&D 100 awards as well as multiple AHR awards including the AHR Product of the Year Award and Innovation Awards in both the building automation and controls and ventilation categories. We also stay at the forefront of fan industry innovations and standard development through our membership in the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA).

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With rapid advancements in AI technology and the availability of more powerful servers, the demand for data center infrastructure and more efficient cooling technologies only continues to rise.

Data center growth has exploded in recent years; however, this increased demand for data processing comes at a cost, as data centers are notorious for their massive energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Data centers have become increasingly critical to the world economy. As computing demands rise due to business reliance on cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI innovations and Industry 4.0, more data is being generated along with the growing need to capture, store, evaluate and retrieve it.