Next-gen air-core motor cuts weight and raises efficiency

The US motor-maker Infinitum has unveiled the next generation of its Aircore EC high-efficiency motor system with the claim that it is 20% lighter than the previous version, and is easier to install and service. The motor, which has a built-in variable-frequency drive, delivers system efficiencies upwards of 93%, as well as “class-leading” power and torque density in a low-footprint package.

The IE5-efficiency motor is available in four frame sizes from 3-15hp (2.2–11.2kW) in 415, 460 and 575V versions, initially for the US and Canadian markets. Infinitum is planning a heavy-duty version for pump and more demanding fan applications.

The Aircore EC motors replace the heavy, copper wound iron stator found in traditional motors with a lightweight PCB (printed circuit board) stator, claimed to be 10 times more reliable. Compared to conventional motors, they are 10-65% more efficient, 50% smaller and lighter, and use 66% less copper. The motors’ modular design allows the housing, rotors and stators to be re-used multiple times. The system is covered by 43 patents and 48 pending patents.

Ben Schuler, Infinitum’s founder and CEO, says that the new generation “pushes the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability even further. The combination of lighter materials, higher efficiency and power density, and design for serviceability and reusability give our new Aircore EC motor the advantage to power the world’s most energy-intensive applications with less energy, emissions and waste.”

Other characteristics of the new system include:
• Custom nameplating This allows users to match the motor to an application’s power and speed specifications to reduce energy, electrical and wiring costs.
• Flexible mounting The compact size enables a variety of horizontal, vertical and peripheral mounting options.
• Controls Optional IoT capabilities and Infinitum’s I-con motor control software provide continuous monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions, energy consumption, heat and vibration for energy management, performance optimisation, and predictive maintenance.
• Communications Support for protocols including Modbus RTU and IP, BACnet MS/TP, analogue and others.
• Serviceability Alerts identify problems for faster resolutions; a removable access panel simplifies access to terminals, connectors and programming ports.

Infinitum says that latest generation of its Aircore motors with onboard drive electronics are 20% lighter than before

“Infinitum’s Aircore EC product is unique in the industry and opens design possibilities for a wide variety of use cases,” comments Blake Griffin, an analyst with Interact Analysis. “In addition to achieving IE5 efficiency, Infinitum’s custom nameplating capability is an extremely powerful offering as it can drastically lower overall capital investment associated with large motor-driven systems. This benefit cannot be understated when considering installations of motors can reach the hundreds or thousands in projects within sectors like data centres and commercial buildings.”

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