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with Infinitum’s Aircore EC — Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year!

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Infinitum’s Aircore EC motor for data centers is specifically designed to reduce the energy consumption and power requirements for data center cooling equipment.

Each data center has unique demands and challenges.

Imagine boosting your cooling capacity while slashing energy costs. With our customizable solutions, tailored specifically for your data center, you can achieve just that.

The Aircore EC's variable speed control allows the motor to adjust its speed based on real-time cooling needs, offering precise temperature control. When cooling demands are lower, the motor operates at reduced speeds, cutting down on energy consumption and saving money.

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Reimagine power with Infinitum's Aircore EC Motor

The innovative PCB stator and integrated VFD of Infinitum’s Aircore EC motor elevate performance to new heights. Built from lightweight, reusable materials and featuring a modular design, it delivers more power while being half the weight and size of traditional motors, significantly cutting down on carbon footprint and noise.

Customizable for your specific horsepower, speed, and torque requirements, the Infinitum Aircore EC motor efficiently powers data center cooling applications, saving you 10-15% on energy compared to traditional motors.

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of the energy consumed in an average data center is from motors powering cooling equipment.

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