Infinitum and Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. Announce Agreement to Bring Highly Efficient, Reliable Motor Technology to the Mining Industry

This new innovative motor system will create lighter-weight, high performance mining equipment and help electrify heavy industry.

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Infinitum, creator of the sustainable air-core motor, and Matrix Design Group, LLC (“Matrix”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. (“ARLP”) and leading safety and productivity technology provider for mining and industrial applications, today announced an agreement to jointly develop and distribute high-efficiency, reliable motors and advanced motor controllers designed specifically for the mining industry.

Under the agreement, Matrix will integrate Infinitum’s smaller, lighter motor technology into mining equipment of ARLP’s operating subsidiaries to provide performance validation in production environments for the jointly developed products. In addition to supporting installations at ARLP operations, Matrix plans to offer the products to third-party mining customers around the globe.

Infinitum’s patented motor technology will replace traditional, heavy iron-core motors with a motor system that is 50% smaller and lighter, uses 66% less copper, and consumes 10% less energy, and is expected to offer mining companies and equipment manufacturers a more efficient, reliable alternative.

“Working with ARLP and Matrix expands Infinitum’s ability to sustainably power heavy machinery with our lightweight, power-dense motors that use less energy, material and waste,” said Ben Schuler, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Infinitum. “We’re excited to join forces with a mining leader like ARLP to make a greater impact towards electrifying and decarbonizing heavy industry.”

Over the past 15 years, Matrix has become a leader in collision avoidance and proximity detection technologies, providing safety and productivity solutions for ARLP and many other mining companies, while extending its reach beyond the U.S. and to other industrial applications. This agreement builds upon that success and enables the development of proven products that provide technological advancements in support of rapidly expanding customer needs.

Joseph W. Craft III, ARLP Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, “This collaboration with Infinitum represents a natural progression and extension of our strategic investment in the company. We believe their groundbreaking motor technology will bring much needed innovation to the mining industry by delivering more efficient and higher performing production equipment, which will enable companies such as ours to improve mining processes, reduce operating costs, and boost productivity.”

Infinitum, ARLP, and Matrix have collaborated since 2022, when ARLP made an initial investment in Infinitum as part of the company’s Series D funding.

About Infinitum
Infinitum has raised the bar for a new generation of motors that is better for the planet and people. The company’s patented air core motors offer superior performance in half the weight and size, at a fraction of the carbon footprint of traditional motors, making them pound for pound the most efficient in the world. Infinitum’s electric motors open up sustainable design possibilities for the machines we rely on to be smaller, lighter and quieter, improving our quality of life while also saving energy and reducing waste. Based in Austin, Texas, Infinitum is led by a team of industry experts and pioneers. To learn more, visit

About Alliance Resource Partners, L.P.
ARLP is a diversified energy company that is currently the largest coal producer in the eastern United States, supplying reliable, affordable energy domestically and internationally to major utilities, metallurgical and industrial users. ARLP also generates operating and royalty income from mineral interests it owns in strategic coal and oil & gas producing regions in the United States. In addition, ARLP is evolving and positioning itself as a reliable energy partner for the future by pursuing opportunities that support the advancement of energy and related infrastructure. News, unit prices and additional information about ARLP, including filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), are available at For more information, contact the investor relations department of ARLP at (918) 295-7673 or via e-mail at

About Matrix Design Group, LLC
A leading technology provider in the mining and industrial sectors, Matrix is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. Since 2006, its core business has been mining safety and providing operations-friendly applications that meet evolving industry regulations. Today, it is developing customer-driven suites of innovative, leading-edge products that balance product advancement in its existing markets with expansion into new, sustainable growth markets.

Headquartered in Newburgh, Indiana, the Matrix Team embraces the concept of hard work, working smart, and collaborating on product development with its customers and strategic partners. As technology evolves, Matrix incorporates the latest innovations, such as artificial intelligence, cloud management, and real-world analytics into its next-generation products. The Matrix Quality Management System (QMS) is certified as being in conformity with ISO 9001:2015 by Intertek. For more information, please visit

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