From industry pioneers to start-up veterans, we’re building an engineering dream-team.

Ben Schuler

Founder & CEO

Paulo Guedes-Pinto

VP of Technology

Pete Pearson

VP of Finance

Bhavnesh Patel

VP of Business Development

Rich Lee

Director of Technology

Michele Grieshaber

Consulting CMO

Melissa Tankersley


Bahar Anvari

Senior Electro-Magnetic Engineer

Randy Lee

Principal Mechanical Engineer

Scott Logan

Principal Electrical Engineer

Michael Biggs

Principal Electronics Designer

Justin Scott

Sales Engineer

Erica Schauer

Purchasing Manager

David McDaniel

Lab Engineer

Mitch Wilson

Mechanical Engineer

Robert Lowry

Manufacturing Manager

Matt Keller

Lab Technician

Stephen Reed

Mechanical Designer

Shriram Patil

Mechanical Engineer

Chris Grimes

National Sales Director

Charon Kantumuchu

Senior Quality Manager

Chad Walterman

Engineering Technician

Johnny Salinas

Project Manager

Andrew Simms

Software Test Integration Engineer

Michael Goch

PCB Designer

Edward Chen

Senior Thermal Mechanical Engineer

George Vogel

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Kim Dawson

Human Resources Manager

Kyle Barrett

Junior Engineering Technician

Cam Witt

Product Marketing Manager

Matt Rasmussen

Digital Marketing Specialist

Grant Klashinsky

Manufacturing Intern

Jay Powers

Consulting CFO

John Haferkamp

Engineering & Assembly Technician

Thomas Brown

Intern, Software – Electrical

Isaiah Garcia

Engineering & Assembly Technician

Daniel Zermeno

Manufacturing Engineer

Ben Sprague

Senior Power Electronics Engineer

Anthony Lou

Senior Business Development Manager

Jaiden Patel

Engineering Intern

Kristina Doriott

Manufacturing Engineer

Kurt Hageman

Hardware Engineer