Electric Motor Datasheet

Aircore EC
IES150 5HP 1800RPM

Integrated motor & drive

Infinitum’s electric motor with integrated VFD facilitates variable speed applications, reducing overall energy usage by running the motor at lower speeds when possible.

Aircore EC efficiency

The copper-etched PCB stator design increases efficiency by 10 to 15 percent by eliminating high-loss eddy currents and improved fan-to-motor mounting proximity.

electric motor, VFD motor, energy, sustainable, HVAC motor, PCB stator, efficiency
100–2160 RPM
  • Operating range
  • System efficiency
  • Lighter & smaller than similar motors

Key Benefits

Short lead times
Available for immediate shipping.
Our simplified electric motor design and PCB stator technology can be rapidly manufactured with exact, reliable specifications.

Superior control
The integrated variable frequency drive (VFD) facilitates variable speed applications, reducing overall energy usage by running the motor at lower speeds when possible.

Software enabled
Our programmable software provides direct control over operational perimeters providing maximum performance for the lifetime of the motor, allowing you to create customized sequences for application-specific functionality. The built-in connectivity improves reliability from real-time data monitoring of critical equipment.

Small and powerful
Our lightweight durable materials generate the same amount of power as a traditional iron core motor in a package that is 50% lighter and smaller. The PCB stator maximizes power density by combining low-volume, high-energy product magnets and direct coil cooling, providing two to three times the current density of a conventional motor.


Commercial HVAC


Material handling

Exhaust fans

Cooling towers

Easy to install

Aircore EC motors are smaller and lighter than traditional iron core motors, making it possible to directly mount the motor on applications — Resulting in smaller systems with increased efficiency that saves space, reduce wiring costs, and shorten commissioning time.

Easy to maintain

Optional IoT connectivity makes predictive and prescriptive maintenance possible by collecting and analyzing data to provide real-time, actionable insights. In the event a component needs replacing, the modular design facilitates replacing just that part rather than the entire motor.

A motor to last a lifetime

With negligible bearing current, Infinitum electric motor systems are much less likely to fail, and only parts that fail need to be replaced. With our circular design strategy, the majority of components can be reused and kept in service for over 100 years.

Ordering Information

Catalog Number
Note: See Control Connections

Catalog Number
Note: See Control Connections

Catalog Number
Note: See Mechanical Below

Motor Information
Rated Power 5 HP, 3.73 kW
Rated Torque 20 Nm, 14.8 ft-lb
Rated Speed 1800 rpm
Max Speed 2160 rpm
Min Speed 100 rpm
Weight (Motor and Drive) 93.2 lbs, 42.3 kg
Frame Diameter 16.18", 41.1 cm
Length (Motor and Drive) 9.4", 23.9 cm
System Efficiency 89.0%
Duty Cycle Continuous
Variable Speed Yes, Integrated VFD
Service Factor 1.0
Motor Thermal Protection Electronically-Protected L
Motor Type TEFC
Enclosure Rating IP54
electric motor, VFD motor, energy, sustainable, HVAC motor, PCB stator, efficiency
Supply Voltage 460 VAC ± 10%
Supply Phase 3 Phase
Supply Voltage Frequency 60 Hz ± 5%
Voltage Imbalance ± 3% Phase to Phase Voltage
Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) Input - 5 kA, 500 V maximum
Rated Amps 6.0 A (460 VAC)
Motor Insulation Class B
Direction of Rotation CW/CCW
Motor Frame Material Aluminum
Rotor Inertia 0.49 kg/m^2
Bearing Type - DE Standard: Steel, 6206 sealed, Permanently Lubricated Optional: Hybrid Ceramic (-H in Catalog Number)
Bearing Type - NDE Standard: Steel, 6206 sealed, Permanently Lubricated Optional: Hybrid Ceramic (-H in Catalog Number)
Grease Specification Mobil Polyrex EM
Regreasable No
Grounding Brushes Included - DE
Shaft Design Keyed
Motor Mounting Position Horizontal or Vertical (Shaft Down)
Motor Mounting Type C-Face (182TC) and Body Mount
Ambient Operating Conditions
Condition Operation Storage & Transportation
Altitude 0 to 1,000 m (3,300 ft.) above sea level 9% power derate per 1,000 m up to 4,000 m NA
Air Temperature -25 to 40 °C (-13 to 104 °F) -40 to 85 °C (-40 to 185 °F)
Relative Humidity 95%, No condensation allowed 95%, No condensation allowed
Contamination Levels No conductive dust allowed No conductive dust allowed

Power, intelligence and controls all in one

We designed our VFD and motor to meet the thermal performance of various load conditions. Our integrated VFD continuously monitors voltage, currents, and the temperature of electronic circuits. The VFD is specifically tuned to the motor — matched for stress and load conditions, with fewer opportunities for failure.

Real-time IoT operational monitoring

The optional IoT module provides static and real-time operational information. This IoT module utilizes an FCC-certified Digi Xbee® 3 hardware platform, communicating cloud-based applications via a cellular (4 G LTE-M) transceiver. End-to-end encryption, authentication and integrity are provided via the Digi module.

Electric Motor Mounting Information

Below are the basic measurements needed for installation tasks.
• There are four mounting pad locations.
• Each pad is spaced 90° apart, containing 4 mounting holes and one lifting eye hole.
• This design accommodates many different installation arrangements.

electric motor, VFD motor, energy, sustainable, HVAC motor, PCB stator, efficiency
Control Connections
  • The IEs User Manual has graphics showing locations of the following Inputs and Outputs.
  • Note: The letter at the end of the Catalog Number indicates supported VFD Inputs and Outputs
  • - A motors support all the I/Os listed below
  • - C motors do not support Analog Outputs
Description Quantity Type
Analog Input Software selectable for voltage or current input 1
  1. 1. Voltage Signal – 0 to 10 VDC, Rin = 20 kΩ
  2. 2. Current Signal – 0 to 20 mA, Rin = 500 Ω
  3. 3. Resolution – 0.1%
  4. 4. Accuracy - ± 5%
Analog Output (See Above) Software selectable for voltage or current output 1
  1. 1. Voltage – 0 to 10 VDC with 10 mA maximum
  2. 2. Current – 0 to 20 mA with load < 500 Ω
Auxiliary Voltage 1
  1. 1. 24 VDC User Supply with ±5% with 250 mA maximum
Digital Input 4
  1. 1. 24 VDC with internal or external supply
  2. 2. Input impedance – 1 kΩ
Digital Output 2
  1. 1. Open drain output
  2. 2. Maximum Switching Voltage 40 VDC
  3. 3. Maximum Switching Current 350 mA
Relay Output 1
  1. 1. Normally Open (NO), Normally Closed (NC) contact arrangements
  2. 2. Maximum Switching Voltage of 125 VAC/30 VDC
  3. 3. Maximum Switching Current of:
  • a. NO – 10 A (VAC)/5 A (VDC)
  • b. NC – 3 A (VAC)/3 A (VDC)
EIA-485 Interface for Modbus RTU 1
  1. 1. Shielded twisted pair cable with impedance of 120 Ω
  2. 2. Transfer rate of 19200 baud
  3. 3. Half duplex Modbus communication protocol
UL 1004-7 Standard for Electronically Protected Motors
UL 1004-1 Rotating Electrical Machines – General Requirements
CSA C22.2 No.77 Motors with Inherent Overheating Protection
UL 61800-5-1 Standard for Adjustable Speed Electrical Power Drive Systems, Part 5-1: Safety Requirements & Electrical, Thermal and Energy

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